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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2017 4:02am-4:16am CET

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delivered enough supplies for some forty thousand people in eastern guta at least three hundred fifty thousand civilians are trapped in the rebel held area. finding the fed chair trump style the u.s. president builds up suspension who he'll choose to head the federal reserve that as three of trump's former campaign aides are charged in the f.b.i.'s russia investigation also on the program catching carbon scientists remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it back into the earth and how a shortage of butter is taking a toll on francis signature pastry. this is a business i'm crystal kober welcome becoming u.s. president hasn't dampened to donald trump's penchant for drama for weeks he has been trying to build up suspense about who'll hear will pick for the head of the
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federal reserve trump himself said the current fed chair janet yellen is among those considered but he has not been a fan of janet yellen despite the praise she has received from many sides. there's no business like show business they say but what about the business of running the world's biggest economy it's a blurry ninety washington u.s. president donald trump clearly hasn't forgotten the tricks of the trade honed on his show the apprentice in an instagram video posted on friday he proved he was a man well versed in the art of building suspense people are anxiously awaiting my decision as to who the next head of the fed will be it will be a person who hopefully will do a fantastic job and i have somebody very specific in mind i think everybody will be very impressed but most of bordley i think at the end of eight years you really
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will be abreast because things are looking good might that very specific someone winning the keys to this prime piece of real estate the favorite jerome powell the former investment banker republican is already a member of the fed's governing board markets would welcome his nomination believing he would continue with yellen fiscal policy gradually tightening the reins after a period of extremely loose monetary policy then a stanford economist john b. taylor his chances are slim though insiders believe he would raise interest rates too fast and don't forget current chair janet yellen in theory she could serve another term but it's the trunk will be looking to turn his back on any obama administration appointees meaning sometime this week she might well find herself on the receiving end of that well worn catch phrase you're fired. now for more analysis let's bring in our financial correspondent dan scored in new york against the guessing game surrounding the new fed chair has been going on for
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weeks is this normal when it comes to finding a leading central banker. it's highly unusual what we're experiencing right now in the past presidents have not even acknowledge that there are even looking at different candidates and the whole process resembled the former t.v. show the apprentice past week in an interview the president's with donald trump the hose whom he would prefer and he hinted to janet yellen and donald trump said yes he did a good job but maybe it might be also good to pick a new person just to leave your own mark so it's a highly unusual process but it's also a very important nomination because overall the world is running on debt and if interest rates should increase faster that could be
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a challenge not just to the markets but also to the global economy now looking at this discussion how much of a distraction is this from the charges against trump's former campaign manager and the investigation into alleged collusion with rush. this process is going on since july when donald trump hinted that he's looking at different candidates so well before we could even guess that the amount of ford. is going to approach this week so i do not see this as as a distraction from the inner political fights and scandals that are going on and as i mentioned so this process is running since. july by the way sources are claiming that donald trump might pick jerome powell and that is also very unusual because since world war two every. fed chairman or woman got actually a second term across party lines so that also would be
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a first under donald trump to break was this sort of rule and will be that decision this week james corden new york thank you so much entertainment company netflix says it will end its critically acclaimed political drama house of cards after its upcoming sixth season the announcement comes a day after one of the stars of the show kevin spacey has been accused of sexual misconduct the company stated that it was deeply troubled about an allegation made against spacy by actor anthony rapp he claims spacey had made sexual advances to him when rap was fourteen years old chinese president xi jinping hosted some top names in the business world in beijing on monday she is the new champion of global free trade apple c.e.o. tim cook was there just days before his new i phone ten goes on sale in china perhaps feeling less at ease facebook founder mark zuckerberg whose site is blocked
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in the country the communist party has also recently cracked down on ways to bypass the great firewall of china to get onto foreign websites. the u.n. weather agency is warning that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere grew at a record speed last year maybe it's time for some global engineering fighting climate change with technical means so it's engineers working in iceland have found a way to remove c o two from the atmosphere and to put it back into the ground. this isn't science fiction it's fully functioning technology. so his company climb works has a plant that sucks in atmosphere of air with the help of giant fans and filters out the carbon dioxide seven hundred tons of it every year. the captured gases diverted to a nearby greenhouse in an atmosphere rich in c o two plants grow more quickly because
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they have access to more carbon the process turns a compound that would otherwise damage the climate into a product that can actually help it. and. we want to reach our climate goals of effectively reducing the amount of c o two in the air we can only do it by separating it from the other gases in the air and storing it long term in the earth . a strategy also being pursued in iceland this geothermal plant taps hot steam from underground volcanoes c o two also rises to the surface of the boiling masses of lava there it's mixed with water and pumped back deep beneath the surface. if this makes it comes in here needs the rest of the work that it's going to plop. down two thousand to two thousand meters. climb works has built its business model around this concept.
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anyone wanting to improve their carbon footprint can have some c o two captured by the companies filters. for a fee of course. is in. during this test phase we're trying to define a pricing model and it's more expensive today than it will be in ten years we want to get it down to just around one hundred dollars a ton we're looking for customers that will take the first few steps with us and the next ones too. we don't game. the c o two capture system can be set up anywhere in the world with good access to basle the volcanic rocks large pores work well for the long term storage of gases and bass alters common on every continent one more reason the climb works founders are convinced their technology has a bright future. once i may see on putting our vision is to capture one percent of global emissions in ten years that's three hundred million tons
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a very large number of but also realistic it's still early days in global engineering the field of changing the climate with technology but ambitious projects are showing that the sky really is the limit. it's a mandatory snack for every visitor to france a nice warm across all but the signature pastry of the gong could end up half baked these days as butter one of the key ingredients has become expensive across europe and france alone the price has risen sixty percent of the past year putting consumers producers and even politicians in a bind. their classic butter rich french pastries the power chocolate and the chris song both are made daily bakery in paris where owner stefan keeps an eye on business the rising price of butter puts live on a difficult spot does he cut the amount of butter in france's most revered pastries or does he raise prices because you can't pass on the extra costs it's just not
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possible people want to buy a panel chocolate every day it's going to become a luxury product. bakers across france and other parts of europe are facing the same dilemma consumers are already taking a hit paying more for butter at the supermarket in france there have even been supply shortages high prices are difficult to swallow for countries like france where butter is hardly considered a luxury it's a local cost of global demand consumers around the world especially in china want more european dairy products but production hasn't kept pace in france dairy farmers and distributors say the problem is temporary producers will catch up and supply networks just. i don't think that we should be talking about shortages at the moment supplies will recover as the autumn and winter seasons progress and on the other hand we do hope that agreements will be reached between distributors and processors therefore making sure that stores are supplied as they should be to
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limit because that's what. i told you but with the holidays approaching local bakers say their bottom lines are taking a hit now which means more pressure on pocketbooks and on politicians. whatever pastry you prefer i hope it has all the ingredients it needs thanks for watching.
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